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IRJIF leads the global market in providing reliable and revolutionary intelligence for various domains of knowledge, research, and innovation. Our goal is to facilitate groundbreaking advancements worldwide by leveraging comprehensive data, analytics, insights, and workflow solutions. Whether it's generating transformative insights for the water industry or expediting the distribution of vital vaccines, we tap into human creativity to achieve excellence.

International Research Journal Impact Factor


IRJIF (International Research Journal Impact Factor) was founded in 2015 by renowned scientists from various countries and disciplines. Our objective is to provide high-quality academic database services to researchers, journal editors, and publishers. We offer impact factors and indices for academic journals and books, and we strive to improve their overall look and technical aspects for better impact factors.

Our team of 100 scientists is dedicated to providing comprehensive and high-quality services to the research community. We help researchers find the best resources for their work, whether they are authors, editors, or publishers. Our quantitative and qualitative tools rank, evaluate, and categorize academic journals for excellence and academic assessment purposes. We take into account factors such as originality of papers, citations, editorial quality, regularity, and international presence.

We utilize a thorough analysis approach that considers acceptance and rejection rates as a key factor in evaluating journals. Journals with low acceptance rates and high rejection rates are deemed to be the best.

Although registering and indexing a journal is free of cost, IRJIF is committed to supporting publishers in achieving their objectives and making a substantial impact in their journals. If you want to obtain your journal's IRJIF Impact Factor within seven days, kindly contact us today and pay a nominal fee.


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