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Get Your Journal's Quality and Impact Measured with IRJIF's Impact Factor:

IRJIF offers impact factor evaluation services to assess the quality and standing of your academic journal, as well as its significance and influence in the scholarly community. The impact factor is determined based on a 10-point rating scale for published articles, with a random selection of articles from each issue being evaluated for their quality. The process for calculating your journal's impact factor takes between 6 to 12 months to complete. However, if you need the results urgently, IRJIF also offers expedited evaluation services for a fee of INR 1500 or 30 USD. With expedited evaluation, your journal's impact factor can be obtained within 7 days of payment. If you're interested in learning more about the process or applying for an evaluation, please contact IRJIF at IRJIF strives to provide enriched data, analytics, insights, and workflow solutions for groundbreaking advancements worldwide, and we're committed to helping you measure the impact of your journal on the academic communit.

What Reviewers Look for in Your Journal:
  • Originality of the content
  • Relevance of the topic to the journal's scope
  • Clarity of the writing
  • Validity of the research methods
  • Appropriateness of the data analysis
  • Soundness of the conclusions
  • Contribution to the field
  • Citation of relevant previous work
  • Usefulness to practitioners and policymakers
  • Overall quality of the article

  • IRJIF evaluates the degree of internationalization in your journal based on the following criteria:
  • Language of the titles and abstracts of articles
  • Language of published articles
  • International Editorial Board
  • Long-term cooperation with foreign reviewers
  • Degree of popularity of the journal for the international market
  • Frequency of article publication

Criteria for Evaluation:
  • IRJIF assesses the following criteria during the evaluation process:

  • Manuscript Quality:
    • Checking text and page numbers in the table of contents
    • Ensuring tables, figures, and references cited in the text are correct
    • Checking lists, paragraphs, figures, numbered or lettered consecutively
    • Reviewing sentences for spelling and grammatical mistakes
    • Ensuring consistent use of capitalization and spelling
    • Checking the format for bibliographic references according to any of the citation styles

    Presentational Quality:
    • Evaluating the ease of use and access of the journal website design
    • Checking the availability of online submission and payment methods
    • Assessing the degree of acceptance and presence of the journal in the international and national market
    • Reviewing the printing quality of the journal cover page title and ISSN number
    • Checking references and indices presented in proper sequencing order as they are cited in the text

    • Editorial quality:
      Reviewing the authorship and disclosure policies of the journal
      Evaluating the editorial process from manuscript submission to publication
      Assessing the degree of cooperation with reviewers and timeliness of the review process
      Checking the frequency and quality of editorial communications with authors
      Evaluating the effectiveness of editorial policies and procedures for detecting and addressing ethical issues related to research and publication

      IRJIF provides a valuable service for journals seeking to evaluate their impact factor and increase their visibility in the academic community. With a rigorous evaluation process that considers multiple criteria, including manuscript quality, presentational quality, and editorial quality, IRJIF provides a comprehensive assessment of a journal's impact and quality.

      To apply for an impact factor evaluation or to learn more about IRJIF's services, please visit our website or contact us at We are happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to working with you to enhance the quality and visibility of your journal. Please note that the impact factor provided by IRJIF reflects the quality and standards of your journal, and can be used to measure its importance and impact in the academic community. The evaluation process usually takes 9 to 12 months, but if someone needs the impact factor urgently, it can be processed within 7 days for a fee of INR 1500 or 30 USD. Contact us to know more, and don't forget to ask about our discount on five or more journal submissions.

      International Journal of Impact Factor (IRJIF): is an independent, double-blind peer-reviewed open-access international journal that evaluates and ranks scholarly journals based on their impact factor. The aim of IRJIF is to provide a reliable source of information on the quality and impact of journals across a wide range of disciplines, and to promote excellence in academic publishing. With an experienced team of editors and reviewers, IRJIF offers a comprehensive evaluation of journals based on multiple criteria, including manuscript quality, presentational quality, and editorial quality. Apply for an impact factor evaluation today and take the first step toward enhancing the visibility and impact of your journal.

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